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A wrecking dockyard located in Moorburg district in the southern harbour. The compound features dusty, muddy and rough looks, almost every corner beeing filled with scrap metall parts. Experienced location for film shooting.  more
21079 Hamburg
The 1.6 square kilometres lake in the heart of the green Hanseatic City is a paradise for yachtsmen, rowers and paddlers. The view of the city from the water reveals new insights and perspectives.  more
Inner Alster covers 18 hectares and is the most prominent feature of the centre of Hamburg. It is flanked by three boulevards, the Ballindamm, the Neuer Jungfernstieg and the Jungfernstieg. The white boats, the "Alsterdampfer" depart from …  more
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The Cap San Diego is one of the last remaining ships of a series of six fast cargo ships built between 1961 and 1962 on shipyards in Hamburg and Kiel for the Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschiffgesellschaft Eggert & Amsinck, the …  more
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20459 Hamburg
The "Channel Hamburg" offers a lot of different film locations. The old sailing ship "Seute Deern" lies in the Western Train Station Canal, featuring a completely new interior serving as a gastronomy location for traditional "Helgoland Knieper" food …  more
21049 Hamburg
The City Marina is one of Hamburg´s most versatile locations it features some of the most beautiful sights of the city. Because of the centred landing stages and anchorages, who have a direct optical connection to harbour facilities, Hanseatic …  more
20459 Hamburg
With its huge quay "Burchardkai" the container port Waltershof is the largest and busiest place for container transshipment in Hamburg. Ships are loaded and reloaded 24 hours.  more
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21129 Hamburg
As a protection against storm tides the rivers between the North Sea and lower Elbe are being cut off by a barrage. The most important building of this kind is the Eidersperrwerk. The area around Eider and Treene are being protected against high …  more
The new "Floating Home" in the City sports harbour demonstrates possible housing concepts of the future, in this case a Premium product, manufactured in cooperation with Hamburg´s "Stilwerk" brand and boasting a floor space of …  more
The cable ferry over the Stoer is still in use.  more
25573 Beidenfleth
The fairy harbour is located on the Island Fehmarn. It connects Germany with Scandinavia & Eastern Europe by the so called “Vogelfluglinie” (literally: bird flight line).  more
23769 Puttgarden - Fehmarn
The yachting club is located in the „Flensburger Förde“, a few kilometres behind Gluecksburg at a stony, partly naturally, unguarded beach. The view in northern direction is heading to the Danish coast. The club is actually lying on the water, …  more
24960 Munkbrarup
The yachting harbour of Laboe has a special attractiveness, because he has the charm of an old, pictorially harbour in southern Europe. In the morning time a lot of fishing boats moving out, and after their return they sell their catch directly from …  more
24235 Laboe
The harbour is located at the Schlei, upstream from Olpenitz and Maasholm. Besides fishing boats, also historic traditional sailing ships are lying in the museum harbour.  more
24376 Kappeln
The Marina Sonwik in Fleshburg is a unique project in Germany: Tradition gets connected with innovation, the daily grind mixes with passion. In immediate closeness to the inner city of Flensburg a harbour colony rises in the fjord of Flensburg.  more
24944 Flensburg
For more than ninety years the Hamburg Ship Model Basin HSVA has been and still is one of the leading companies in hydrodynamic research. The company has influenced the development of crucial technologies, methods, standardisations and problem …  more
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22305 Hamburg
The Hemmelsdorfer Lake is a former firth which has been seperated from the Baltic by a sand dam over the years. Main parts at the north end of the lake are nature reserves.  more
23669 Timmendorfer Strand
These days the inland port in the centre of the town is merely used by sports boats and private ferries. The town hall is situated where once the shipyard was . The spacious forecourt with its numerous cafés and historic buildings attracts many …  more
25813 Husum
In 2001 this significant end point of the Kiel fjord was built at the so called “Kieler Hoern”. In the shape of a curved barette this modern building offers office accommodation in exposed position for firms of every kind. A restaurant with a …  more
24114 Kiel
Helgoland is located 46 kilometres off the German coastline and consists of two islands. They are the only German islands not in the immediate vicinity of the mainland and are approximately three hours' sailing time from Cuxhaven at the mouth of the …  more
Maritime pictures, models, flags, decorations, cards, uniforms and even a projection on a wall of ice makes the Maritime Museum in Hamburg so unique. On its 11 floors the largest private maritime collection by Peter Tamm, is presenting its beauty …  more
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Kaispeicher B 20457 Hamburg
From the traditional granary, built in 1925, a lot of crown glasses are looking directly down to the port of Kiel. You get outside to the waterside through the big, former gate. The listed building is just 10 meters away from the water. Rooms can be …  more
Am Bollhörnkai 24103 Kiel
The modern ferries of the Scandinavian line are demonstrating the impression of the haven in Kiel. The biggest part of the haven is on the eastern banks of the fjord. In this area is the ferry transport to Russia and the Baltic states located. 2014 …  more
24103 Kiel
The „Hörnbrücke” (Hoern Bridge) is a three-membered bridge for pedestrians and bicycles in Kiel. Since 1998 it connects the western waterside of the Hoern with the “germania harbour” in the district Gaarden at the eastern waterside. It is …  more
24103 Kiel
The 20m high circular clinker tower (1895) is not only a historical monument, but also today it is still guarding boats the way through the Kiel Canal with its bonfire. At the end of the Kiel Cannel is a small park. It has been created upon the …  more
The Olympia-Centre Schilksee is since the Olympic Games in 1972 the heart piece and location of countless top-sport events like the “Kieler Woche”. It is all about sailing and other water sports events.  more
24159 Kiel-Schilksee
Original replica of a suite of the cruise liner MS Europa including bathroom, balcony, walk-in wardrobe and bedroom.  more
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20095 Hamburg
Old sailingships at Untertrave canal.  more
In Finkenwerder Vorhafen lies the METHA treatment plant wharfage, belonging to the Hamburg Port Authority. METHA is the first major sediment-processing plant in the world to mechanically process dredged harbour sediments. It separates and drains …  more
21129 Hamburg
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20457 Hamburg
The „Museumshafen Oevelgoenne (museum harbour of Oevelgoenne) was founded by a private association in 1977 at the fairy pier of Neumuehlen. It offers a mix of historic professional sailing ships. For example an old fire ship, which was in …  more
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22763 Hamburg
At Seemannshöft we can see the vessel traffic service centre (the modern, low rise building) of the Hamburg Port Authority, as well as the historic Lotsenhaus (lit: pilot house). The open tidal harbour of Hamburg is covered by high-power radar …  more
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Seemannshöft 21129 Hamburg
The Niendorf Harbour is a small Fishinghabour with a Sailingclub and a few Touringships.  more
Niendorf / Ostsee
The Norderwerft, founded in 1905, features two docks and three mooring quays. The shipyard employs around 100 people, working in the fields of ship repairs, reconstruction, production of equipment and general services.  more
The promenade runs direct at the water. At the back part of the promenade lies the sailingclub Lübeck-Travemünde. From the walkway you have a wonderful view towards the haborentrance and the Maritim-Hotel.  more
23570 Lübeck-Travemünde
The SS Rickmer Richmers was built in Bremerhaven Shipyards in 1896 as a full rig steel ship with a span of 3,500 square metres. It was confiscated by the Portuguese during the First World War and used as a cargo ship by the English. After the Second …  more
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20359 Hamburg
The pier has a concrete pontoon in which are various rooms. Moored on the pier are a barge converted into a workshop and floating containers used as living quarters. There is in addition a 25 metre-long motorised sailing ship with 4 cabins, a saloon …  more
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20457 Hamburg
With 62 kilometers longitude the Schwentine is one of the longest rivers in Schleswig-Holstein. It has its source at the Bungsberg, district Ostholstein, and flows through the so called "Holsteinische Schweiz" with a lot of lakes until it …  more
The construction of the Landungsbrücken, the great piers for the passenger ships, was started in 1839. Like most of Hamburg´ s buildings for public transport, built around 1910, the piers were given an impressive facade. The massive …  more
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20359 Hamburg
24837 Schleswig
The historical submarine boat U-434 is one of the few non-atomic submarines of the world. Since 2003 the submarine bearing the codename `Buki` can be visited and is available as a location. The Studio Hamburg Production “Rettungsflieger”, an …  more
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20359 Hamburg
Founded in 1895, the Wilhelmsburg rowing club has c 200 members and 38 rowing boats, from single sculls to eights. The expansive boathouse was inaugurated in 1959 and includes a hall for gymnastics and table tennis, as well as a weights room and an …  more
21107 Hamburg
The Finkenwerder Yachthafen (marina) is visually cut off from the Elbe, and only becomes accessible once the entrance to the North of Rüschweg has been passed. The marina next to the Airbus premises is home to several sailing clubs and their …  more
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21129 Hamburg
The old captains" village, Övelgönne, lies between the harbour museum of Neumühlen and the "Himmelsleiter" stairs (ladder to the sky) that lead up the hill to the great Elbchaussee avenue. One and two-storey picturesque half-timber …  more
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