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A lively rush by day and night: Hamburg is home to the largest and most modern German container port, and is one of the most significant transshipment ports in the world.  more
With its huge quay "Burchardkai" the container port Waltershof is the largest and busiest place for container transshipment in Hamburg. Ships are loaded and reloaded 24 hours.  more
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21129 Hamburg
The Englandfährterminal building takes in the pier for former ferries from and to England as well as offices in the east part of the building that have become very popular locations with their huge windowpanes and great views over the harbour. The …  more
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22767 Hamburg
The fairy harbour is located on the Island Fehmarn. It connects Germany with Scandinavia & Eastern Europe by the so called “Vogelfluglinie” (literally: bird flight line).  more
23769 Puttgarden - Fehmarn
From the traditional granary, built in 1925, a lot of crown glasses are looking directly down to the port of Kiel. You get outside to the waterside through the big, former gate. The listed building is just 10 meters away from the water. Rooms can be …  more
Am Bollhörnkai 24103 Kiel
The modern ferries of the Scandinavian line are demonstrating the impression of the haven in Kiel. The biggest part of the haven is on the eastern banks of the fjord. In this area is the ferry transport to Russia and the Baltic states located. 2014 …  more
24103 Kiel
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Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Friedensallee 14-16
DE - 22765 Hamburg

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Filmwerkstatt Kiel
Haßstr. 22
DE - 24103 Kiel

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