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Between Reichenstraße and Gröningerstraßenfleet lies the Africa House, a shipping company´s office built for the Carl Woermann Company in 1899. The front and the rear of the building are typical of the traditional houses of the bourgeoisie. The …  more
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20457 Hamburg
The district of Bahrenfeld offers a lot of industrial real estate and traffic zones but it is at the same time with about 40% green area the greenest quarter of Hamburg with lots of parks and cemeteries. More over, Bahrenfeld offers a multiplicity …  more
22761 Hamburg
The „Blumengroßmarkt“(flower market) has some spaces which are not used daily, therefore it is good for Movie and Fotoproductions. No curious glances, no traffic, uninterrupted working. The administration of the “Blumengroßmarkt” rents …  more
20097 Hamburg
24361 Klein Wittensee
The "Channel Hamburg" offers a lot of different film locations. The old sailing ship "Seute Deern" lies in the Western Train Station Canal, featuring a completely new interior serving as a gastronomy location for traditional "Helgoland Knieper" food …  more
21049 Hamburg
The Chilehaus, a masterpiece of expressionism is streamlined like a ship. The 10-storey building rises above the Kontorhausviertel, the traditional location of the shipping companies´ offices and has a footprint of 5,000 square metres. Made of …  more
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20095 Hamburg
In 1735, the chamber of commerce founded the “Commerzbibliothek”. The aim was to collect all necessary literature for the training of merchants and make them publically available. So one of the most valuable libraries developed over the …  more
20457 Hamburg
The Cremonhaus (1905/06) in the Deichstraße is a classic example - with its typical facade - of houses built for the Hamburg bourgeosie. It used to be part of a row of similar houses. Deichstraße is one of the unique places of old Hamburg which …  more
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20459 Hamburg
Europe’s most modern “Print Galaxy” combines glass and steel with a most harmonious landscape architecture.  more
24782 Büdelsdorf
The Englandfährterminal building takes in the pier for former ferries from and to England as well as offices in the east part of the building that have become very popular locations with their huge windowpanes and great views over the harbour. The …  more
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22767 Hamburg
This extravagant glass conservatory sits on top of a futuristic office building. The stairs, glass and metal bridges and platforms create an unusual atmosphere with a fantastic view onto the Inner Alster.  more
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20095 Hamburg
Modern architecture alongside historic façades, red brick next to glass and steel: Between the fish auction hall and Neumühlen numerous interesting points of perspective line the Große Elbstraße.  more
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Ecke Elbberg 22767 Hamburg
The publisher, Gruner + Jahr moved into these extraordinary offices in 1990. The building, designed by architects Otto Steidler and Uwe Kiessler, is built like a ship with porthole-shaped windows. Most of the offices face the harbour and the …  more
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20459 Hamburg
Modern insurance company offices with a large atrium and a glass roof, an addition to the historical "Haus Wedelz" including a Grand Salon from the turn of the 20th century with stucco and ornamental decor.  more
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20354 Hamburg
In 2001 this significant end point of the Kiel fjord was built at the so called “Kieler Hoern”. In the shape of a curved barette this modern building offers office accommodation in exposed position for firms of every kind. A restaurant with a …  more
24114 Kiel
In Hamburg's beautiful city with its busy shopping streets, malls and squares around the Inner Alster there are numerous interesting film locations. Between Gänsemarkt and Mönckebergstraße the business life thrives and presents itself in various …  more
The Karostar Musikhaus is located not far away from the city centre in the district St. Pauli. It is a court, built by former slaughterhouses, with a wooden floor and wooden terrace steps, which invite locals to rest. This court with its 1.200 …  more
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20357 Hamburg
The old town hall of Kiel was built between 1907 and 1911 and is since then home of the urban administration. The art nouveau main front and the high, quadratic tower are forming the town’s landmark. Every hour a glockenspiel is playing in the 106 …  more
24103 Kiel
From the traditional granary, built in 1925, a lot of crown glasses are looking directly down to the port of Kiel. You get outside to the waterside through the big, former gate. The listed building is just 10 meters away from the water. Rooms can be …  more
Am Bollhörnkai 24103 Kiel
Since 1950 has the state parliament its location in the country house in Kiel that is widely visible from the Kieler fjord. The housing is under monumental protection and was originally created for the navy academy of the emperor. The plenary in the …  more
24105 Kiel
The impressive shipping company offices of F. Laeisz, built between 1897 and 1898, are located at the Nikolaifleet. The entrance facing the Trostbrücke bears the imposing statues of Wilhelm I, Bismarck and the generals, Roon and Moltke. The lower …  more
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20457 Hamburg
24340 Eckernförde
Underneath the building is an old cellar. It is one of the few cellars of the Lübecker Oldtown. It is stuffed with clothes and beds. but this can be put out during the shootingtime. The cellar seems mysterious and old.  more
23552 Lübeck
The canteen has a wonderful view over the Lübecker oldtown and is on the top of the Lübecker Courtbuilding. The rooms are shaped in a u-form and the walls are out of glas, so that it looks very bright.  more
23568 Lübeck
The media center of the Media Docks is a meeting point and medium at the same time. The function rooms for workshops and presentations are available for interested companies, just as the audio-, video- and multimedia studios. Production, training, …  more
23554 Lübeck
Architectural contrasts along the edge of the harbour: The so-called pearl necklace offers an interesting succession of renovated and new buildings along a ca. 6-kilometer stretch of shoreline.  more
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22763 Hamburg
24534 Neumünster
The Phoenixhof is a factory from the turn of the 20th century which has recently been entirely renovated and rebuilt. The original flair, however, was preserved by integrating elements of glass, metal and concrete into the old facade and combining …  more
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22761 Hamburg
The Policecanteen is in the 12th floor and is in the mealtakeout very small. The dinninghall is bigger and has windows to both sides. From the canteen you have a wonderful view over the center of Lübeck.  more
23560 Lübeck
24837 Schleswig
The castle of Ploen is the only well preserved castle in Schleswig-Holstein, which was built in attitude. The first duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Ploen, Joachim Ernst, built it in between 1633 and 1636. The ducal residence castle is deemed …  more
24306 Plön
20457 Hamburg
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