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straight road with trees, hardly any traffic.  more
23626 Ratekau
This park was created in 1918 north of the district of Bahrenfeld. Its undulating and primeval landscape sprawls over 153 hectare, and from its peak, the Birkenhöhe, one has a beautiful view. In the north- west the fabulous Dahlia garden is on …  more
22525 Hamburg
The Boberger Niederung is one of the most beautiful and botanically significant wildlife reserves in Hamburg. Dry areas, dunes, bog and marsh harbour numerous endangered species and symbioses. Due to the landscape's conditions shooting is only …  more
21033 Hamburg
The area of the dune near Noer is a nature reserve since 1981. It is located at the Baltic Coast of Schleswig-Holstein, north eastern of Noer which is part of the district Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde. It was put under protection because it shows every …  more
24214 Noer
At the end of the 18th century the leather manufacturer Lucas Luettkens planted ample oaks to use them for his tan bark. Out of this, his grandson developed today's Eichtalpark in 1870. Alongside the river Wandse which flows through the park, a …  more
22041 Hamburg
old bascule bridge, cars and trains use the same lane  more
24392 Boren
Nice beach with dunes and a lighthouse.  more
24159 Kiel-Friedrichsort
The yachting club is located in the „Flensburger Förde“, a few kilometres behind Gluecksburg at a stony, partly naturally, unguarded beach. The view in northern direction is heading to the Danish coast. The club is actually lying on the water, …  more
24960 Munkbrarup
The Glinder Au is a highly popular recreational space amongst the joggers and strollers of Mümmelmannsberg. Barbeque areas, adventure playgrounds and a tobogganing hill top off the choice of activities.  more
22115 Hamburg
The manor house was built in 1642, the other house was built in 1727. Some small buildings and parts of the grounds are being used by the golf club of Segeberg.  more
23827 Wensin
The yachting harbour of Laboe has a special attractiveness, because he has the charm of an old, pictorially harbour in southern Europe. In the morning time a lot of fishing boats moving out, and after their return they sell their catch directly from …  more
24235 Laboe
Graswarder is a stretched peninsula next to Heiligenhafen at the Baltic sea. Some pictorially framework- and timberhouses are standing directly on the beach, mostly used for touristic purposes.  more
The Heine park at the Elbchaussee 31 in Hamburg-Ottensen belonged to one of the biggest country estates in the suburbs by the Elbe. In 1880, the country house was demolished and the park was divided up. The uncle of the famous poet, Heinrich Heine, …  more
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22765 Hamburg
The Hemmelsdorfer Lake is a former firth which has been seperated from the Baltic by a sand dam over the years. Main parts at the north end of the lake are nature reserves.  more
23669 Timmendorfer Strand
The vast, English- style Hirschpark in the suburbs by the Elbe was named after an enclosure for deer which was set up in the park in the late 19th century. Here one can also find a classic, cubic country house which is framed by low wings and …  more
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22587 Hamburg
The island Amrum is located on the German North Sea coast, south of Sylt and west of Foehr. Amrum's area measures 20.46 sqm, making it the tenth-largest island of Germany. The island is connected to Foehr and to the mainland harbour of Dagebuell on …  more
Fehmarn is the biggest and only island in the eastern sea. With its 2.1000 hours of sun in a year it is one of the sunniest and driest regions in Germany. Since 1963 has been the island connected to the mainland with the Fehmarnsund bridge.  more
Photos: Föhr Tourismus GmbH. The island Foehr is situated southeast of Sylt and east of Amrum and it is the second-largest North Sea island of Germany. It is about 6.8 kilometers wide and 12 kilometers long. Foehr is called "The Green Island" due …  more
Helgoland is located 46 kilometres off the German coastline and consists of two islands. They are the only German islands not in the immediate vicinity of the mainland and are approximately three hours' sailing time from Cuxhaven at the mouth of the …  more
The Olympia-Centre Schilksee is since the Olympic Games in 1972 the heart piece and location of countless top-sport events like the “Kieler Woche”. It is all about sailing and other water sports events.  more
24159 Kiel-Schilksee
25336 Elmshorn
The national park “Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer” was formed in 1985. It is still the largest national park between the North Cape and Sicilia. The area reaches from the Danish border to the mouth of the Elbe and from the mainland up to …  more
This bog offers an interesting landscape with typical ecological peculiarities.  more
The “Schlei Region” is located between Kiel and Flensburg. With 43 kilometers the Schlei is the longest Baltic fjord of Schleswig-Holstein. The landscape around the Schlei is offering rolling hills, green woods, pictorially villages, manorial …  more
The Schleiperle is a light blue painted restaurant, which stands on piles directly on the water of the harbour of Arnis.  more
24399 Bad Arnis
With 62 kilometers longitude the Schwentine is one of the longest rivers in Schleswig-Holstein. It has its source at the Bungsberg, district Ostholstein, and flows through the so called "Holsteinische Schweiz" with a lot of lakes until it …  more
The Farm Seehof Henk is a traditional agriculture Company, that is now leaded in the fourth generation. The Livingarea exist since the 18th century. The garden and the entrance are well-kept and planted.  more
23626 Ratekau-Grammersdorf
A village (19th century style) at the river Schlei with many restored houses, thatched roofs and a church.  more
24351 Sieseby
The Windpark is a modern windenergiepark and lies between Wilmsdorf and Grammersdorf at the Hemmelsdorfer Lake. The windwheels are direct at the countryroad. You can see the windwheels from the other lakeside.  more
Wilmsdorf / Hemmelsdorfer See
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