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Spacious green area at the Außenalster with a stock of trees, lawns, japanese cherry trees, old laterns and a duck pond. The park was created in 1952, when the citiy of Hamburg  bought up the private gardens of Harvestehuder Weg to …  more
20148 Hamburg
Hamburg's first botanical garden, now part of the "Wallringanlagen", the city´s former fortification, was designed in 1821 as a 9-hectare park. There are ancient trees and an impressive variety of flowers and plants. Terraces with plants …  more
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20355 Hamburg
The Altonaer Balkon is a small park on the northern bank of the Elbe with an unobstructed view of the opposite side. It almost feels like approaching a steep to the coast while stepping onto the balkony, in the abyss the Elbe sparkles in the …  more
auch entlang Palmaille 22767 Altona
This park was created in 1918 north of the district of Bahrenfeld. Its undulating and primeval landscape sprawls over 153 hectare, and from its peak, the Birkenhöhe, one has a beautiful view. In the north- west the fabulous Dahlia garden is on …  more
22525 Hamburg
Baurs Park's tree-lined lawns extend all the way down to the banks of the Elbe. A former garden of G.F. Baur, the park became public property in 1939. The French architect, Joseph Rammée, provided the drawings for the design of the park which was …  more
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Blankenese 22587 Hamburg
The Botanical Garden was founded in 1821, west of the Esplanande. The best preserved parts of Hamburg´s fortification, including the moat, are in this area. The many mature trees are the outcome of the original plans to create the park. The garden …  more
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22609 Hamburg
The Donnerspark, near the famous Elbchaussee avenue (off no. 75) is named after the Altona merchant Conrad Hinrich Donner, who took up residence in the park in 1820.  more
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22763 Hamburg
At the end of the 18th century the leather manufacturer Lucas Luettkens planted ample oaks to use them for his tan bark. Out of this, his grandson developed today's Eichtalpark in 1870. Alongside the river Wandse which flows through the park, a …  more
22041 Hamburg
24113 Molfsee
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22761 Hamburg
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22113 Hamburg
The cemetery in the Nienstedten district, founded in 1814, is one of the oldest in Hamburg. It is still being used. In the 1970s, historic gravestones of abandoned graves were preserved and made part of a museum. Today, the cemetery has seven …  more
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22609 Hamburg
The Ohlsdorf Cemetery covers 400 hectares well-known throughout the world for its beautiful parkland and abundant plants. It is located in the north of Hamburg. Opened at the beginning of the 19th century, it is one of the world´s largest …  more
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22337 Hamburg
The Öjendorf cemetery is one of the newest of Hamburg´s three main cemeteries. Designed as a cemetery with a park, Öjendorf grew to become an urban space after the Second World War. In 1966, the park was opened to the public. The road system in …  more
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22119 Hamburg
The Glinder Au is a highly popular recreational space amongst the joggers and strollers of Mümmelmannsberg. Barbeque areas, adventure playgrounds and a tobogganing hill top off the choice of activities.  more
22115 Hamburg
In Altona between Max-Brauer-Allee and Museumstraße the Platz der Republik is situated. The park forms an axis between the Altona townhall in the south and the train station in the north, whilst the high-rise building of the Deutsche Bank in the …  more
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22765 Hamburg
In the north of the district which is called Lohbrügge, there lies the extensive leisure area “Grüne Zentrum” which cuts through the residential area alongside a small stream. Many playgrounds, three small lakes, a mini golf range, a large …  more
23730 Sierhagen
The manor house was built in 1642, the other house was built in 1727. Some small buildings and parts of the grounds are being used by the golf club of Segeberg.  more
23827 Wensin
Near the airport lies the Eppendorfer Moor, a 15- hectare recreation area where rare plants grow. Haynspark: Named after the senator and mayor of Hamburg, M.T. Hayn, who had his country house here. The park became public property in the 1920s. The …  more
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The Heine park at the Elbchaussee 31 in Hamburg-Ottensen belonged to one of the biggest country estates in the suburbs by the Elbe. In 1880, the country house was demolished and the park was divided up. The uncle of the famous poet, Heinrich Heine, …  more
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22765 Hamburg
Large property dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. It is famous for its Rococo hall inside the mansion. The barn is used for concerts and other music events.  more
23730 Altenkrempe
23823 Berlin
The vast, English- style Hirschpark in the suburbs by the Elbe was named after an enclosure for deer which was set up in the park in the late 19th century. Here one can also find a classic, cubic country house which is framed by low wings and …  more
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22587 Hamburg
Since the Hamburg international garden show (IGS) has been ending, this area in the middle of the Wilhelmsburg district is open for the public. In the beautiful park you can chill out next to the water, you can go for a walk and the children have a …  more
21109 Hamburg
The Jenischpark was part of Caspar Voght"s extensive "ornamental farm", his "parc du midi". It was re-designed after 1828 creating a spacious garden with meadows, trees and shrubbery and wonderful vistas. The view across the …  more
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/Hochrad 22605 Hamburg
A small park in the heart of the center close to Kleiner Kiel and opera house. View-taking is the monument of Bismarck by Harro Magnussen, Hamburg (1897). A memorialo service in memory of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima is held every year on 6th …  more
24103 Kiel
The Schreven lake gives the park its name. In former times it was bigger and the lake used for the water supply of the historic center. Moreover it is the oldest park in Kiel. The huge playground, a wading pool, a boul square and the lake next to …  more
The regional horticulture show in Norderstedt (north of Hamburg) starts on April, 21st 2011 until October, 9th 2011. Afterwards the space will be preserved as a city park. The site covers a tight square kilometer and is divided into three areas: …  more
22844 Norderstedt
Spacious park landscape with ancient trees line the course of the river Elbe. This lime alley in the deer park near the former fishermen’s village Blankenese was planted in the late 18th Century as part of an English Garden.  more
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im nördlichen Hirschpark 22587 Hamburg
This huge green space which is called “Moorweide” is surrounded by trees and lies near university of Hamburg. On the opposite there is the Dammtor train station. It is often used as a football field. On the Moorweide is a sculpture of a …  more
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/Mittelweg Hamburg
20255 Hamburg
The orthopedic clinic is based in a rural house (villa). The old part of the clinic was built around 1900 in a new romantic style. The newest building was formed in the 1990ies.  more
22927 Großhansdorf
The zoo and cemeteries between Jungiusstraße and Verbindugsbahn were redesigned between 1934 and 1935 to become a public park, bordering on the botanical garden within the city wall. An example for local garden design was to be established. The …  more
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20359 Hamburg
This small public park above the river Elbe offers a nice view of the harbour.  more
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22765 Hamburg
On a small island in the western part of the Schlei a castle of former dukes of Schleswig Holstein-Gottorf is nowadays home of the Schleswig-Holstein state museums. Architectural the four-winged building offers different styles: The western wing …  more
24837 Schleswig
24253 Probsteierhagen
The castle of Ploen is the only well preserved castle in Schleswig-Holstein, which was built in attitude. The first duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Ploen, Joachim Ernst, built it in between 1633 and 1636. The ducal residence castle is deemed …  more
24306 Plön
25813 Husum
The park and its lake were designed after the Second World War by filling a low plain at the Schleemer pond with debris from Hamburg.  more
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