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straight road with trees, hardly any traffic.  more
23626 Ratekau
Avenues are of outstanding natural beauty and run like green veins through cities. In the true sense of the word, the distribution of street trees in Hamburg is grown historic. The grand old trees are found mainly in Hamburg's Elbe suburbs and …  more
The district of Bahrenfeld offers a lot of industrial real estate and traffic zones but it is at the same time with about 40% green area the greenest quarter of Hamburg with lots of parks and cemeteries. More over, Bahrenfeld offers a multiplicity …  more
22761 Hamburg
The Deichstrasse belongs to one of Hamburg"s unique places which have been carefully restored and looked after. The old merchants" houses, dwellings as well as ware houses are still used for commercial purposes. The sides of the houses …  more
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20459 Hamburg
The Elbstrasse (street) with its numerous two-storey gable houses (17th/18th century) runs along the banks of the river Elbe.  more
21481 Lauenburg
The district Grindelviertel is located in the centre of Hamburg. Main parts of the University of Hamburg are built in this part of the city. Before the terrible reign of Hitler the Grindelviertel was home to many Jews. To some degree it still is the …  more
Modern architecture alongside historic façades, red brick next to glass and steel: Between the fish auction hall and Neumühlen numerous interesting points of perspective line the Große Elbstraße.  more
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Ecke Elbberg 22767 Hamburg
The world’s most notorious amusement street. Neon façades, prostitution, table-dance bars and sex shops define the red-light district in St. Pauli.  more
Ecke Reeperbahn
B5 Ostseekanal near Brunsbüttel. The bridge is over 2800 m long and passes the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal. It connects the circle of Steiburg and of Dithmarschen.  more
Road movie dreariness in Hamburg Harbour, and meeting-point not only for lonely hearts: Among the enormous container facilities, cranes and ships, one can also find places to tarry.  more
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20539 Hamburg
In Hamburg's beautiful city with its busy shopping streets, malls and squares around the Inner Alster there are numerous interesting film locations. Between Gänsemarkt and Mönckebergstraße the business life thrives and presents itself in various …  more
The Jungfernstieg alongside the Inner Alster is one of Hamburg's most famous promenades and shopping strips. At the jetty, one can go for a cruise on the Alster, take a break from shopping in the old-established Alsterpavillon or watch the artful …  more
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20354 Hamburg
The Karolinenviertel, an old working class district with cheap housing, lies in the vicinity of the television tower between the exhibition halls and the abattoir. Many foreigners, in particular from Turkey, have settled here as well as young people …  more
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/ Glashüttenstraße und Umgebung Hamburg
The bascule bridge crosses the river SChlei. It is 50m high when opened.  more
B203 24376 Kappeln
The "Kramer Amtsstuben" are located directly across from the Michel, the main church of Hamburg. Historical rooms with many details and restorations make you feel like a visitor of Hamburg 350 years ago. The narrow street leading from the …  more
20459 Hamburg
The Leverkusenstieg is a small street in the district of Bahrenfeld. The special appearance of the small houses is reminiscent of some streets and districts in London.  more
22761 Hamburg
The Aegidienstreet is a more typical Lübecker Oldtownstreet. It represents the townpicture. The upper part of the street is more modern and is in use as a shoppingstreet. the more beautiful and quiet part is arround the Aegedienchurch.  more
23552 Lübeck
A very bright and friendly walkthrough which ends in a small patios. The buildings must have been renovated after 1950. The originals have been builded during the baroque time, maybe earlier. It is a very quiet Old Town patios and a wonderful …  more
23552 Lübeck
An der Obertrave is direct to the river Obertrave and it his housefronts are from historical buildings. During the Hanse the street belongs to the Harbor and to the fortification of Lübeck.  more
The Burgtor belongs to the old fortifications of Lübeck. It is still in use as a drivethrew to reach the old townpart of Lübeck. Beside the Gate are the citywalls still existing.  more
The Danats Gang belongs to a few connected walkways behind the An der Obertrave and the Hartengrube. The houses of the Donats Gang are from the renaissance and the baroque. The patios is comfortable and well kept.  more
The Durchgang No. 56 is a small, comftable and very light and friendly walkway. The houses are renovated and the patios is very tidy. The walkway is often visited from tourists.  more
The Durchgang 46 / 47 is a walkthrough between the Aegidienstr. and the Wahmstr.. It is a well-kept Walkway with a wonderful backyard. The Walkway looks friendly, tidy, light and very beautiful.  more
The Fünfbuden Gang is a small walkway, which ends in a little wiilderned and chaotic patios ends. The houses are from the renaissance and the baroque.  more
The Haudels Patios is a very small and short patios. It contains a few little houses, that were built by workers during the time of baroque. The houses must have been renovated after 1950.  more
The Kolk runs from the Holstenstrasse towards the Große Petersgrube. In this small walkway lies the puppetmuseum and the puppettheatre. In the street are a lot old historical town houses. The Kolk lies underneath the St.-Petri-Church.  more
The Medings Gang lies in the Große Gröpelgrube and is a small old town walkway. The walkway habitats the typical Lübecker workers livingstyle of the hanseatic time. The houses were founded during the renaissance and the baroque. The walkway is …  more
The street Rosengarten is a shorter Oldtown Street. In this street the Musikschool is hosted. The street owns a typical Lübeck oldtownstyle with the renaissance and baroque housefronts.  more
The Rosenhof is a well kept Walkway, which belongs to a bunch of walkways that are connected with each other. The walkway is behind the An der Obertrave. The houses still exist from the renaissance and the baroque and have been restored after 1950.  more
Old sailingships at Untertrave canal.  more
The Schaeferstrasse is a small street in the district of Eimsbuettel. The small houses with stairways and wrought-iron fences remind the visitors of London and Amsterdam.  more
20357 Hamburg
The Schuetzenstrasse is part of the disctrict Bahrenfeld. The brick houses are typical for Hamburg but one side of the street shows a specific front. Especially interessting is the round end of the house at the corner to the crossing street.  more
22761 Hamburg
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21039 Hamburg
The Windpark is a modern windenergiepark and lies between Wilmsdorf and Grammersdorf at the Hemmelsdorfer Lake. The windwheels are direct at the countryroad. You can see the windwheels from the other lakeside.  more
Wilmsdorf / Hemmelsdorfer See
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