Goßlerhaus, Foto: ffhsh
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Bistro Küche, Foto: Bucerius Education GmbH
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Foyer, Foto: Bucerius Education GmbH
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Bistro, Foto: ffhsh
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Gartensaal, Foto: ffhsh
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Durchgang Gartensaal zum Bankettsaal, Foto: ffhsh
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Seminarraum, Foto: ffhsh
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Durchgang vom Bistro in den Bankettsaal, Foto: ffhsh
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Balkon, Foto: ffhsh
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Appartment, Foto: Bucerius Education GmbH
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Foto: Bucerius Education GmbH
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Gartensaal, Foto: Bucerius Education GmbH
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Eingang, Foto: ffhsh
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Blick vom Goßlers Park, Foto: ffhsh
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Terrasse nach Süden, Foto: ffhsh
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Bankettsaal, Foto: ffhsh
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The Goßlerhaus is located in a park in Blankenese. It is used for guests and conferences. Therefore, the seminar room is good outfitted and has an extra covered balcony with a nice view over the park. The upper floor has six small seminar rooms, a daily office and a seminar kitchen. Downstairs is a banquette hall with a terrace, a garden hall with a salon and a professional bistro kitchen. Moreover, there are outfitted guest apartments and another six guest rooms.

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