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The archive of the region Schleswig-Holstein was built around 1700. It is a three-winged, baroque manor house with a neo classical façade. Today the building is also called the “Prinzenpalais” (prince palais). The archive offers a science based library with 110.000 books, which can be used in the reading room.

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On a small island in the western part of the Schlei a castle of former dukes of SchleswigHolstein-Gottorf is nowadays home of the Schleswig-Holstein state museums.Architectural the four-winged building offers different styles: The western wing … 
Details of Schloss Gottorf
24837 Schleswig
24837 Schleswig
Landesarchiv Schleswig-Holstein

24837 Schleswig
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Filmbüro Ostseefjord Schlei, Kirsten Schultz, Tel. 04621-382 800,
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