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Blick auf den Baakenpark / Foto: FFHSH
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Baakenpark / Foto: FFHSH
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Blick auf den Dar-es-Salaam-Platz / Foto: FFHSH
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Dar-es-Salaam-Platz / Foto: FFHSH
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Busanbrücke / Foto: FFHSH
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Blick auf den Fähranleger Maritimes Museum und die Elbarkaden / Foto: FFHSH
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Unter der Baakenhafen Brücke / Foto: FFHSH
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Blick auf die Baakenhafen Brücke mit der Elbphilharmonie im Hintergrund / Foto: FFHSH
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Am Kaiserkai
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U4 Station Überseequartier
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U4 HafenCity Universität
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Brücke zum Maritimen Museum
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Osakaallee, Magdeburger Hafen und Maritimes Museum
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The harbour grounds are in a process of constant chance, every day offers new views and impressions. The new HafenCity - for example – is still under construction and creates a whole new city district in the harbour area south of the historic warehouse district Speicherstadt. Within the next 15 years this emerging urban area shall feature spectacular buildings and impressive sites for working and living by the water. It is the contrast between the old and new parts that makes the port of Hamburg so attractive. Historic warehouses and sheds stand opposite modern office buildings and high industrial sites.

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Gegensätzlicher könnten die Lebenswelten von Marion (Anne Ratte-Polle) und Baran (Oğulcan Arman Uslu) kaum sein, als sie sich am Strand von … ...mehr

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Maritime pictures, models, flags, decorations, cards, uniforms and even a projection on a wall of ice makes the Maritime Museum in Hamburg so unique.On its 11 floors the largest private maritime collection by Peter Tamm, is presenting its beauty … 
Details of Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg
Kaispeicher B 20457 Hamburg
Vision and tradition: The two-storey Kibbelsteg Bridge at the customs canal is one of Hamburg’s almost 2500 bridges. It links the future Harbour City to the Warehouse City and the inner city. 
Details of Kibbelstegbrücke
20457 Hamburg
Osakaallee 11
20457 Hamburg
HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Ansprechpartner Jens Hartwig
Osakaallee 11
20457 Hamburg
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