Brodtener Steilufer

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The Steep coast goes from Niendorf to Travemünde. On it are forest, fields and a golfclub. There are three houses direct at the coast. The only area to reach by car is the parkingplace at the Hermannshöhe, a bustourist and coffeeplace Restaurant.

Locations nearby

The Windpark is a modern windenergiepark and lies between Wilmsdorf and Grammersdorf at the Hemmelsdorfer Lake. The windwheels are direct at the countryroad. You can see the windwheels from the other lakeside. 
Details of Windpark Kreuzkamp
23669 Timmendorfer Strand
The promenade runs direct at the water. At the back part of the promenade lies the sailingclub Lübeck-Travemünde. From the walkway you have a wonderful view towards the haborentrance and the Maritim-Hotel. 
Details of Promenade am Segelclub Travemünde
23570 Lübeck-Travemünde
The Travemünder harbour is the beginning of the Traveriver. It owns a wonderful walkingarea with a iew on the old fourmastbarke Passat. The harbour owns many different parts. 
Details of Travemünder Hafen
23570 Travemünde
Brodtener Straße
23570 Lübeck

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Public authorities
Hansestadt Lübeck - Rathaus
Breite Straße 62
23539 Lübeck
Phone 0451-122 59 06
0451-122 23 90