Trude und Museum der Arbeit, Foto: ffhsh
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Osterbek Kanal, Foto: ffhsh
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Sicht auf Busbahnhof, Foto: ffhsh
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Sicht auf Busbahnhof, Foto: ffhsh
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Nähe Bahnhof, Foto: ffhsh
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Fuhlsbüttlerstraße, Foto: ffhsh
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Nähe Bahnhof, Foto: ffhsh
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Busbahnhof, Foto: ffhsh
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Kirche Schwalbenstraße, Foto: ffhsh
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Hufnerstraße, Foto: ffhsh
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Hufnerstraße, Foto: ffhsh
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Hufnerstraße, Foto: ffhsh
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Osterbek Kanal, Foto: ffhsh
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Gelände Trude, Foto: ffhsh
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Durchgangsstraße von Wiesendamm aus, Foto: ffhsh
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Barmbek is a district of industry and work. In 19th century was a population increase, because of the development of the free-port and industrial movement. Today it is a district full of students and young families. The history is implicit in parts of the buildings in Barmbek. One of it is an old rubber production. Today there is the “museum for work” in it. It shows the history of Barmbek in pictures and testimonies. On the factory area is also the old iron heat which is now a café, concert and exhibition room.

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The „Museum der Arbeit“ – which could be translated as “museum of labour" - is located on the former site of the New-York Hamburger Gummi Compagnie in Hamburg-Barmbek. The company was built in 1871 and constantly extended. It is now one … 
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The former factory for cranes used in the harbour, built in the style of the early warehouses, is located near the Osterbekkanal. The six huge assembly halls were preserved as a monument of industrial architecture and became one of Hamburg´s most … 
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