The name says it all: Filmwerkstatt (film workshop) in Kiel provides hands-on support. Filmwerkstatt's primary function is to support young talent and newcomers, as well as to provide a technology pool for non- commercial film and media projects. The offering also covers continued development and industry support in the form of events and consultation in Schleswig-Holstein. It's important to note that these services are not linked to a particular
project subsidy or formal application. In addition, the Screen Talent Europe network supports international projects from young talent and cross-border training opportunities targeted at young filmmakers.

Founded in 1989 by filmmakers in Kiel in the spirit of helping people to help themselves, from the very beginning, Filmwerkstatt has taken the approach of professionalization through learning by doing.


Arne Sommer
Head of Filmwerkstatt Kiel
Julia Gläsker
short film, innovative moving images
Lorenz Müller
Enrico Gomig
Anna-Katharina Doig
Film Commission Schleswig-Holstein