Filmwerkstatt Kiel

Filmwerkstatt Kiel supports film and media productions in the areas of project development, production and presentation. Besides improving the infrastructure of the Schleswig-Holstein film economy, its objective is to support young creative minds and professionalize newcomers in the field of practical production work

Funding areas

Project development
Equipment rental

Advisory board

Manja Malz
Metropolis Hamburg

Arne Sommer
Head of Filmwerkstatt Kiel

Maja Petersen
Kurzfilmtage Flensburg


On application, Filmwerkstatt Kiel allocates funding twice a year in amount of 250,000 euros, by means of an independent committee. Funding applications can be submitted by 15.03. and 15.09. every year. The allocation meeting tends to ensue six to eight weeks following the respective application deadline. Another important task is the qualification of media professionals by means of training and further education seminars as well as offering expert counselling and the supervision of their film and media projects.


Functional Support

Filmwerkstatt Kiel also offers support as regards the content of media-related productions in cooperation with regional and supra-regional partners. The spectrum of such funding ranges from preparatory counselling for projects in the fields of conception, calculation and realisation, through the provision of analogue or digital film and video technology for cultural film, video and multimedia projects, to the presentation, sales and distribution of film and media productions in Germany and abroad.


Filmwerkstatt Kiel of Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FWHSH) was founded in 1989 as a production-related funding institution pertaining to Kulturelle Filmförderung Schleswig-Holstein e.V. in order to support cultural filmmaking and to create a film economical infrastructure in Germany’s northernmost federal state. Since the fusion of Kulturelle Filmförderung and MSH – Society for the Promotion of Audiovisual Works in Schleswig-Holstein (founded in 1993) with FilmFörderung Hamburg in July 2007, Filmwerkstatt Kiel is a funding instrument of Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH).


Arne Sommer
Head of Filmwerkstatt Kiel
Julia Gläsker
short film, innovative moving images
Lorenz Müller