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The church, built between 1916 and 1920, is a fine example of Hamburg architecture, with its mostly geometrical and austere structure. Also remarkable is the steeple on top of the cupola. The Auferstehungskirche of the district of Barmbek possesses …  more
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22307 Hamburg
this brick-lined building was erected in the neo-gothic style by Johannes Otzen between 1882 and 1886. The prominent tower is framed by four smaller turrets. During WWII the church, apart form its tower and porch, was heavily damaged. Its nave was …  more
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20259 Hamburg
A church in the "Ottensen" quarter.  more
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22765 Hamburg
This small romantic half-timber red-brick church with a gable tower lies in the suburb of Nienstedten near the Elbe. It was built between 1750 and 1751 and is mainly being used for weddings. Galleries on wooden columns line the interior and the main …  more
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22609 Hamburg
1873 was the neo gothic clinker St.Johannis church built in the district Altona. An arson causes a huge damage especially in the tower in summer 1994. The organ was completely destroyed. In fact of this was the church recreated and a new organ was …  more
22767 Hamburg
In the year 1334 the St. Jacobi Church was finished. The Jacobichurch was the only church, that not has been hit by a bomb during WW II. The church is famous for her pipe organ from the 15th century.  more
23552 Lübeck
Small baroque village church.  more
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21079 Hamburg
Nieblum auf Föhr
Modern church with an altar room that reminds of a ships hull.  more
22337 Hamburg
22083 Hamburg
The dome in the city of Ratzeburg. Romanic construction of dome, cross-coat and cloister.  more
23909 Ratzeburg
Since 1399, there was one in downtown St. Gertrude's Chapel, which was destroyed in 1842 during the great fire. On the 40th Day of its destruction in 1882, the foundation stone was set on new St. Gertrude at a new location, the Kuhmühlenteich. With …  more
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22087 Hamburg
Known as the wedding church, St. Johannis has a medieval tower built of rough blocks of stone which was encased in brickwork in 1751. The most valuable piece in the church is a crucifix from the year 1510.  more
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20249 Hamburg
This neo-gothic church which is one of the few churches in Hamburg that remained undamaged during the Second World War was inaugurated in 1882. Thanks to these circumstances, many of its original features have been preserved. The brick church has …  more
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20148 Hamburg
Due to the height and shape of its spire (132 metres) as well as its location, the St. Michaelis church is Hamburg"s most famous landmark. It was destroyed by lightning in 1750 and rebuilt on the same foundations between 1751 and 1762, adding …  more
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20459 Hamburg
Beautiful baroque church  more
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22113 Hamburg
The most stunning attraction of this church is the colourful baroque organ, built in 1688, which rests on the upper west choir. Opposite it is the exuberant and ornate wall behind the pulpit and the altar.  more
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21037 Hamburg
The church St. Pauli is located on a hill with a view of the Elbe. It was not until 1864 that the drawn-out, plain brick building was complemented by a neo-gothic/neo-romanic tower. The interior displays a bright hall with a gallery, clear …  more
20359 Hamburg
Late Romance church built after 1200.  more
23820 Pronstorf
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