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The building of the Warburg library of cultural sciences was errected in 1925-26 by Gerhard Langmaack with the contribution of Fritz Schumacher. The oval reading hall which reaches out into the garden is especially interesting. Here the first …  more
20249 Hamburg
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20355 Hamburg
The former womens' hospital in Finkenau now harbours the Hamburg Media School, but, for the time being, still offers locations for film productions as an old lecture theatre and a bunker that feature partly original equipment and furniture of the …  more
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22081 Hamburg
The Geomatikum surprises with sharp contrasts. The spacious foyer is dominated by a low-key interior, a greenish colour and a soberly cool atmosphere which is refracted by bright glass elements fixed on the red walls of the lift lounge. In contrast, …  more
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20146 Hamburg
The district Grindelviertel is located in the centre of Hamburg. Main parts of the University of Hamburg are built in this part of the city. Before the terrible reign of Hitler the Grindelviertel was home to many Jews. To some degree it still is the …  more
The University of applied sciences Hamburg comprises 13 departments and stands out because of its highly practical approach. Foyer and entrance halls, built in 1972, reflect the style of that time and are surely familiar thanks to events such as the …  more
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21033 Hamburg
In 1919, the State-City Council decided to create a university in Hamburg, at odds with the opinion of the rich merchants who where convinced that a sound mercantile education would suffice for its citizens. A dome-shaped building, built between …  more
20146 Hamburg
The Kiel Campus is located in the centre of the city, directly at the Kiel Fjord. The 22 hectare large area offers about 1200 beds in 615 rooms. The hole area is 193.000 square metres large.  more
24105 Kiel
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Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Friedensallee 14-16
DE - 22765 Hamburg

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Filmwerkstatt Kiel
Haßstr. 22
DE - 24103 Kiel

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