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The district of Bahrenfeld offers a lot of industrial real estate and traffic zones but it is at the same time with about 40% green area the greenest quarter of Hamburg with lots of parks and cemeteries. More over, Bahrenfeld offers a multiplicity …  more
22761 Hamburg
Barmbek is a district of industry and work. In 19th century was a population increase, because of the development of the free-port and industrial movement. Today it is a district full of students and young families. The history is implicit in parts …  more
Bergedorf has a huge variety of spaces. From Apartment houses and high rise buildings over one family houses to the villa area. The streets partly have the old cobblestone pavement. Bergedorf is a city in a city which its own identity. This leads to …  more
At the end of Hamburg's famous avenue the Elbchaussee there lies the picturesque Blankenese, a former fishing village, nestled in the hillside above the Elbe. Grand villas, country houses and parks surround the historic centre of one of the most …  more
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Urban and maritime ambiance between amusement centre and harbour: On the ancient area of the Bavaria-Brewery (ASTRA), at the top of the Landungsbrücken, between Davidstraße (David Street), Hopfenstraße (Hopfen Street), Zirkusweg (Zirkus Alley) …  more
20359 Hamburg
Eimsbüttel is the right district for people who need a bit of everything. Although it is one of Hamburg's high-density areas, green streets and old buildings give Eimsbüttel its charme. Many young people and families live here; the numerous …  more
The district Grindelviertel is located in the centre of Hamburg. Main parts of the University of Hamburg are built in this part of the city. Before the terrible reign of Hitler the Grindelviertel was home to many Jews. To some degree it still is the …  more
The harbour grounds are in a process of constant chance, every day offers new views and impressions. The new HafenCity - for example – is still under construction and creates a whole new city district in the harbour area south of the historic …  more
20457 Hamburg
2111 Hamburg
21073 Hamburg
These two districts are located in the centre of Hamburg and attract masses of strollers to the Alster foreland at Harvestehuder Weg. Around the turn of the century magnificent mansions were built in this area, amongst them, due to the …  more
20149 Hamburg
In Hamburg's beautiful city with its busy shopping streets, malls and squares around the Inner Alster there are numerous interesting film locations. Between Gänsemarkt and Mönckebergstraße the business life thrives and presents itself in various …  more
The Karolinenviertel, an old working class district with cheap housing, lies in the vicinity of the television tower between the exhibition halls and the abattoir. Many foreigners, in particular from Turkey, have settled here as well as young people …  more
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/ Glashüttenstraße und Umgebung Hamburg
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22527 Hamburg
Ottensen starts on the western side of the Altona train station. In former times, Ottensen was an old farmer and handcrafter town. At the middle of the last century it developed to an important industrial location of North Germany. The …  more
22765 Hamburg
The Portugiesenviertel (portuguese district) is located in the heart of the city, just between the Landungsbrücken and the Michel. The district got its name in the early sixties during a wave of immigration by Portuguese Harbour Workers which …  more
20459 Hamburg
The former district of artisans and servants which borders on the Outer Alster is now part of the refined district of Harvestehude. The famous Milchstraße is surrounded by exquisite shops and noble villas. Quiet cobble-stoned streets with classic …  more
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22143 Hamburg
Highlife on the street at daytime until late at night: The Schulterblatt with its many cafés, bars, restaurants and small shops marks the centre of the young, trendy Schanzen quarter.  more
20357 Hamburg
St. Pauli is synonymous with the Reeperbahn, its erotic stores, long party nights and numerous well-known pubs. This main contact point for tourists and residents alike is a famous German image export and a popular place to live, especially among …  more
20359 Hamburg
Veddel is located south-eastern of the inner city, divided by the Elbe. The area includes the eastern part of the island Veddel and as well the small isle Peute.There is also a small part at the northern part of the Island Wilhelmsburg which …  more
22299 Hamburg
The old captains" village, Övelgönne, lies between the harbour museum of Neumühlen and the "Himmelsleiter" stairs (ladder to the sky) that lead up the hill to the great Elbchaussee avenue. One and two-storey picturesque half-timber …  more
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/ Schulberg Hamburg
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