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The third Jussi Adler Olsen adaptation Conspiracy of Faith is currently being shot by Hans Petter Moland in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, and is produced by Fabian Gasmia and Henning Kamm of Zentropa Hamburg.

How did the company reestablishment come about and what does Hamburg signify for you?

Fabian Gasmia: We are very happy that our renowned northern partners trust us to run Zentropa Hamburg. Zentropa Hamburg is a joint ventu re between our company Detailfilm and Zentropa Denmark. We chose Hamburg as the company’s site because of the location of our own company and the proximity to Copenhagen. Hamburg is well established internationally and can meet the demands of major projects. And we hope for additional knowledge transfer from our Danish partners.

The former head of Zentropa Berlin, Maria Köpf, will be the new Director of Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein as of 1.1.2016. How do you meet irritations regarding Köpf’s former position and her immanent proximity to the company in Hamburg?  

Henning Kamm: The foundation for the joint venture with zentropa was laid at Berlinale 2014, long before these staff issues. Zentropa Hamburg will realize great projects with plenty of advantages for Hamburg. We believe in the quality of our upcoming projects and hope the Committee members will share our vision.

What input are you expecting from Zentropa Denmark?

Fabian Gasmia: We hope to profit from their know-how and their great contacts, e.g. to Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg and Susanne Bier. They also have a much more intense approach to international marketing issues from the earliest stages in a project.

Are there any concrete plans beyond Conspiracy of Faith?

Fabian Gasmia: We will travel to Copenhagen in the early summer to present our talents at a road show. We would like to put creative synergy effects into making German language projects with international potential.

This interview was published in aufblende 15.2, on the occassion of 68th Filmfestival in Cannes.

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